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Affordable Church Security

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Violence in places of worship is on the rise, and this violence has forced the topic of safety and security in a church to the forefront of security consulting. Unfortunately many consultants are losing focus on what is important in a church ministry, which is our Christian Mission of bringing the great news of our savior Jesus Christ to the unsaved, and instead, reacting by militarizing our churches. Many of these consultants are banking on our fears so they can profit. We have seen terms such as “homeland security” and “terrorism” thrown out to explain the need for armed security officers at places of worship. We have also seen many of these consultants pushing the training of church security teams to the likes of a Police SWAT Team or Military Combat Squad, charging extravagant prices for the training. The choice to arm your security ministry should not be made lightly or based on perceived or misrepresented fears. The militarization of our churches may not be the appropriate response. In law enforcement, we judge our use of force on the “reasonable person” rule, which in simple terms means “common sense”. This standard should also be applied when deciding on how to equip your church security team. Yes, I do believe that armed response is often times a necessary response in protecting our churches, but it should not be the only response. A well prepared, well trained, strategically deployed, and alert team, with a willingness to serve our Savior can be equally effective in protecting a church as armed security guards and far less distracting or menacing. We at believe that church safety and security should involve a “common sense” approach. We provide an inexpensive, yet professional and experienced based training program for all church security teams, regardless of church size, without losing focus on the need for evangelizing. It is important to remember that not all churches are alike and we provide customized consultation to meet your church’s specific security and safety needs. Our experts are current law enforcement officers with over twenty-five years of combined experience, thus bringing current tactics and techniques to you.

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Friday, August 21st, 2009

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